Haefely IP6.2 Manual Surge Coupling Unit

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Haefely IP6.2 Manual Surge Coupling Unit
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Haefely IP6.2 Manual Surge Coupling Unit Haefely IP6.2 Manual Surge Coupling Unit
Haefely IP6.2
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The Haefely IP6.2 surge coupler is used to couple the 1.2/50 µs, 8/20 µs, 10/160ms, 10/560ms and 10/700 µs surge impulses on data, signal and telecom lines. Coupling is effected via gas arrestors, capacitors and resistors. The three coupling methods can be selected, depending on the signals to be transmitted. IP6.2 is used either on its own or with a decoupling unit such as the Haefely DEC 1A or DEC 3A.
Haefely IP6.2 Features
  • 4 wire integrated unit
  • Coupling CWG surges
  • Coupling 10/700 surges
  • Test circuit impedance maintained at 40Ω
  • Resistor, capacitor and gas arrestor coupling
  • Manual operation
  • Can be used with any surge generator
  • Impulse power 6.6kV
  • Supplied to ISO 9001
Haefely IP6.2 Specs
Surge Test Voltage 0.5 - 6.6 kV
Coupling resistors 1x25, 2x50, 3x75, 4x100W
Coupling capacitors 0.5mF / 0.1mF
Coupling gas arrestors 90V
EUT voltage 500V (capacitor), 66V (arrestor)
EUT connectors 4 x 4mm banana plugs + ground
Surge connectors High and Common
Haefely IP6.2 Standards
  • IEC 1000-4-5
  • EN61000-4-5
  • FCC part 68
  • FTZ 12 TR1
  • ITU (CCITT) K20, K21
  • the relevant parts of EN 50082-1, -2
  • all EN product standards and many other applications