Haefely PCD120 10-700µs Test System

Haefely PCD120 10-700µs Test System
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To be used for telecommunication and ITE equipment to perform Resistibility tests, Safety tests and EMC tests requiring the 10/700µs high energy surge impulse.

Telecom line pulses are characterized by high energy; fast rise time pulses derived from lightning transients modified by the line impedance. Applications are for the testing of customer premise, switching, transmission and supervisory equipment.


  • Impulse voltage up to 7.4kV
  • 15 and 40ohms switchable impedance
  • Oscilloscope Impulse monitors
  • User selectable coupling elements
  • 4 wire interface
  • Automatic polarity switching
  • Automatic IEC mode configuration (1,2,3 or 4 lines)
  • Gas arrestor, resistor and capacitor coupling modes
  • Direct coupling mode
  • Consistent pulse parameters
  • Totally reproducible test results
  • Easy verification of impulse
  • No reconfiguration during testing "single connect system"
  • Integrated personnel & test object safety
  • Fully automated by WinFEAT&R control and reporting software
  • A modular expandable system that grows with your application needs