Haefely PIM 200 Current Impulse Module

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Rent Haefely PIM 200 Current Impulse Module for UL 943
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Haefely PIM 200
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PIM 200 Datasheet
The Haefely PIM 200 Current Impulse Module is used for testing overvoltage protection elements such as varistors, gas arrestors and avalanche breakdown diodes with clamping voltages up to 3 kV. Both impulse shapes 8/20μs and 10/1000μs are used in tests according to the IEC and the ANSI standards. These tests include the measurement of clamping voltage and life span tests with high energies and/or currents. The focus of the PIM 200 is for the high energy tests. The PIM200 is specifically designed to meet and exceed the requirements of UL 943. For testing overcurrent protection elements such as ground fault circuit interrupters and overcurrent trip switches. These are tested with 8/20μs and sometimes with 100kHz ringwave. These switches should not trip when an impulse current occurs. The 8/20μs requirement can be fulfilled with the PIM 200.
Haefely PIM 200 Features
  • 8/20μs current impulse from 800A up to 12kA
  • 10/1000μs current impulse from 8A up to 110A
  • Integrated test cabinet
  • Clamping voltage display
  • Peak current display
  • WinFEAT&R software integrated
Haefely PIM 200 Applications
  • Protection elements
  • Telecom equipment
  • Measuring the surge impedance of earth systems
  • Many IEC, ANSI, UL & EN product standards
  • Other international requirements for currents impulses