Haefely PIM 800 / PIM 810 / PCD 800 Telecom Surge System for TIA-968-A (FCC part 68)

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The TIA-968-A relates to the testing of Terminal equipment connected at both residential and commercial premises. The demarcation point between telephone company network and subscriber network determines if TIA-968-A should be used or if another standard may be more appropriate. It applies equally to voice-band analog, Public Switched Digital Services and ISDN Basic Rate Access or Primary Rate Access systems. Testing is required at both telecom port and power ports. Section 4.2 of TIA-968-A refers specifically to surge impulse tests. Terminal equipment can be telephones, fax machines, modems, voice mail systems, etc. Testing is required with equipment in their normal working state. Surges must be applied to the Tip and Ring connections in both metallic and longitudinal modes, and differentially to power line phases