Hioki 3196 Power Quality Analyzer

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Hioki 3196 Power Quality Analyzer
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Hioki 3196
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The Hioki 3196 Power Quality Analyzer is a compact, easy-to-operate, and affordable power quality measurement instrument.
Hioki 3196 Features
  • Supports single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire and three-phase 4-wire systems. Further, the unit has an extra input channel providing enhanced analysis capabilities
  • Wide selection of clamp on current sensors
  • Three-phase voltage wiring adapter
  • Full compatibility to 400Hz circuits
  • Simultaneous measurement and continuous processing
  • 6.4-inch color LCD
  • Extended measurement of up to one month with internal memory
Hioki 3196 Specs
Measurement lines Single-phase/two-wires, Single-phase/three-wires, Three-phase/three-wires, Three-phase/four-wires
Measurement line frequency Auto-detect (50Hz/60Hz)
Measurement ranges Voltage ch1 to ch3 150.00 to 600.00 V AC rms-3 ranges
ch4 60.000 to 600.00 V AC rms-4 ranges, or 60.000/600.00 V DC-2 ranges
Current (When using 100 A sensor) 50.000/100.00 A AC rms-2 ranges
Current (When using 500 A sensor) 50.000/500.00 A AC rms-2 ranges
Current (When using FLEXIBLE CLAMP ON SENSOR 9667) 500.00 A / 5000.0 A AC rms-2 ranges
Current (When using CLAMP ON SENSOR 9669) 1000.0A AC rms-1 range
Current (When using CLAMP ON SENSOR 9694) 5.0000A / 50.000 A AC rms-2 ranges
Power Combination pattern of voltage and current ranges
Measurement items Impulsive voltage quality: Transient overvoltage (Impulse)
RMS voltage quality: Voltage swell, Voltage dips, Voltage interruption
Power quality: Frequency, Voltage, Current, Current peak, Active/Reactive/Apparent power, Power factor (displaced power factor)
Three phase quality: Voltage unbalance ratio, Current unbalance ratio
Harmonic quality (Up to 50th order): Harmonic voltage, Harmonic current, Harmonic power, Inter-harmonic voltage, Inter-harmonic current, Harmonic voltage current phase angle, Total harmonic voltage distortion, Total inter-harmonic current distortion (THD-F, THD-R), Total inter-harmonic voltage distortion ratio, Total inter-harmonic current distortion ratio (THD-F, THD-R), K factor,
Internal memory 13 MB
Interface PC card slot (9727/ 9728 PC card, 256MB to 512MB), RS-232C, LAN (10BASE-T)
Power supply 12 V DC output AC ADAPTER 9458 (Universal 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz), or BATTERY PACK 9459 (7.2 V/2450 m Ah Ni-MH)
Dimensions, mass 298 mm (11.73 in) W × 215 mm (8.46 in) H × 67 mm (2.64 in) D, 2.25 kg (79.4 oz)...within battery