Hipotronics KV200A AC/DC Kilovoltmeter

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Hipotronics KV200A AC/DC Kilovoltmeter
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Hipotronics KV200A
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KV200A Datasheet

Engineered for safety and precision, the KV200A has one hand portability plus sage storage for the AC/DC dividers behind the front panel. The triple range voltmeter guarantees 1.0% accuracy. Surge devices prevent damage to components or injury to the operator even when short circuits occur at full voltage.

Measures DC, Ripple voltage-AC superimposed on DC, AC Peak, AC RMS-true value, and AC Absolute average.
Hipotronics KV200A Features
  • Low temperature and voltage coefficients
  • Analog readout
  • AC and DC coupling
Hipotronics KV200A Specs
High range 0 - 199.9 kV
Low Range 0 - 19.99 kV
Accuracy DC 0.5%
RMS Average 1.0%
Peak 2.0%
Impedance 1 Mohn, level=100 VFS