Hipotronics KVM25A AC/DC Kilovoltmeter

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Rent Hipotronics KVM25A AC/DC Kilovoltmeter
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Hipotronics KVM25A
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The Hipotronics KVM25A AC/DC Kilovoltmeter is a highly accurate, portable voltage measurement systems traceable to NIST standards. The KVM series consists of a high voltage divider assembly, a precision readout device, durable carrying case and interconnection leads. The carrying case and battery operation make the system completely portable for field testing while the precision divider assembly and readout device make it suitable for laboratory use.
Hipotronics KVM25A Features
  • Perform calibration yourself
  • Perform multiple measurements:
    • DC
    • Ripple Voltage - AC superimposed on DC
    • AC Peak
    • AC RMS - true value
    • AC absolute average
  • Low temperature and voltage coefficients
  • Digital readout
  • AC and DC coupling
  • Battery or line power
  • Built-in, self-regulating battery charger
  • Lightweight and portable divider
  • Rugged, reinforced carrying case
  • True divider
  • NIST traceable
  • Significant cost savings on outside calibrations
  • High accuracy under varying ambient conditions
  • Fast & accurate measurements
  • Portable
  • Suitable for field or factory
  • Cannot be overcharged
  • Use with oscilloscope or other measuring device
Hipotronics KVM25A Specs
Display Features
Instrument Digital, 31/2 Digits 1/2" LED, Auto Polarity
High Range 0- 25kV
Low Range 0 - 25kV
Accuracy All Accuracies as % of Full Scale, Range from (10-100)% of Scale
Input Impedance = 1M ; Level = 100 VFS
Power Requirements Internal Battery - 4 NiCd Cells, Size D
8 Hour Operation 16 Hour Recharge (at 120V or 220V)
External Operation 115, 60 Hz or 220V, 50 Hz
High Voltage Divider Assemblies
Voltage Rating RMS: 25 kV AC
DC: 25 kV DC
Peak: 283 kVp
Nominal Ratio (VOUT/VIN) Assuming a Load Impedance of 1 M & < 500 pF, 2000:1
HV Arm Impedance Parallel R&C branches
Resistance: 760 M
Capacitance: 200 pF
Frequency Response DC to 1 kHz
Hipotronics KVM25A Applications
  • Calibration of AC and DC high voltage test equipment:
    • DC hipot testers
    • AC hipot (dielectric) testers
  • Voltage monitoring of high voltage systems
  • High voltage DC power supplies
  • Flocking lines
  • Semiconductor implantation systems