Iwatsu B-H Analyzers Precise Automatic Core Loss Measurement System

Rent Iwatsu B-H Analyzer Precise Automatic Core Loss Measurement System
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Iwatsu's B-H analyzers which hiring CROSS-POWER method (IEC62044-3)enable precise and highly accurate measurement embedded minimized phase error integration on frequency spectrum with current detecting resisters and compensation on detecting circuit with full compensation on amplitude and phase characteristics. Third generation models from year 1984 are available now to contribute leading-edge development on future power management.

Iwatsu B-H Analyzer Features:

  • Wide band frequency range from 10Hz to 10MHz (SY-8218)
  • Voltage : ±140V, max. / Current : ±5.2A, max. DC to 3MHz High power amplifier (IE-1125B)
  • 41pcs., max. specimen for temperature range of -30°C to 150°C automatic scanner system (SY-321A)
  • 36mm(L),min. 35mm(W),max. single sheet test (SY-956)
  • DC30A, max. DC-bias superposing test (SY-960/961/962)
Full automatic test with options
Temperature scanner system, Single sheet test system and DC biasing system are able to control with the SY-810 Remote control software.
Temperature scanner system Temperature scanner system
Single Sheet Test system Single Sheet Test system
DC-bias test system DC-bias test system