Kaelus (Summitek) PIM Testers

Kaelus, formerly Summitek, is an industry leader in the production of telecommunications equipment. Kaelus was formed in 2010 as a result of the combination of four companies, each with a legacy of excellence in filtering technology. Today, Kaelus manufactures high quality, low PIM products that enable effective communication worldwide.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals stocks PIM Testers designed and built by Kaelus. PIM (Passive Intermodulation) Testers are versatile, portable equipment used to conduct RF testing. Kaelus designs PIM Testers with tower climbers in mind, creating products that are rugged and reliable for testing at the top or base of a tower, as well as in roof top or in-building. PIM Testers measure to IEC 62037 standards, and allow the technician to identify any issues with RF transmissions. Kaelus also manufactures Cable & Antenna Analyzers ideal for the installation and maintenance of wireless communications towers. These tools are often used in military, aerospace, defense, and public safety settings.
Kaelus (Summitek) PIM Testers Products