Keithley 616 Digital Electrometer

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Keithley 616 Digital Electrometer
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Keithley 616
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The Keithley 616 Digital Electrometer is an automatic ranging multipurpose electrometer featuring sensitivity to 10 microvolts per digit. Its 3%-digit LED display provides 0.2% voltage accuracy for a wide range of measurements all with the convenience of automatic polarity and decimal point. The 616 is essentially a digital multimeter, optimized for measurements from high source impedance, which provides wide range capability when measuring current, resistance, and charge in addition to voltage.
Keithley 616 Features
  • Measures V, I, R, and Q
  • Input resistance greater than 2 x 1014 ohms
  • Current noise - 2 x 10-15 ampere peak-to-peak
  • Autoranging, autopolarity
  • Floating capability to ± 1000 volts
  • Optional isolated output/control
  • Can be calculator controlled