Keithley 7002 400 Ch - 10 Slot Full Rack Switch Mainframe

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The Keithley 7002 Switch System is a 10-slot mainframe that supports up to 400 2-pole multiplexer channels or 400 matrix crosspoints. The front panel includes a unique interactive display of channel status for quick programming. Scanning speeds of up to 165 channels per second are possible with the high density switch cards. The wide selection of more than 40 different switch cards makes the 7002 one of the most flexible switching mainframes available.
Up to 400 channels of 2-pole switching

A single Keithley 7002 mainframe can accommodate up to ten 40-channel cards. That's 400 channels in a single full-rack package that is only 178mm high (7 in). This level of density provides some important advantages. First, it reduces the amount of switching hardware required for a given application. Second, it provides high flexibility. The high density cards can be used with the special signal cards to cover all your signal needs for a large application with one mainframe.

Switch a wide range of signals

The Keithley 7002 is fully compatible with all Keithley 7001 switch cards. From this broad selection of more than 40 cards, you can assemble a switch configuration that will ensure signal integrity and minimize errors. These cards allow the Keithley 7002 to switch DC signals from femtoamps to amps, nanovolts to kilovolts, as well as RF and optical signals.


Analog backplane
The analog backplane used by the high density cards adds configuration flexibility and eliminates intercard wiring. For example, the outputs of a multiplexer card can be connected to the row inputs of a matrix card. Or the outputs of ten multiplexer cards can be connected to form one large 1-400 multiplexer. Intercard wiring is eliminated by using the analog backplane to form these configurations