Keithley 705 System Scanning Thermometer

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The Keithley 705 is a low cost IEEE compatible scanner. The basic mainframe can accommodate two plug-in scanner cards. Each card can have different pole configurations. In the l-pole configuration the card has 20 channels, The 4-pole configuration allows 10 channels with two cards (for four-wire ohms).

Using the "daisy chain" method the Keithley 705, along with four additional Keithley 705's, can provide up to 100 2-pole channels. The time and the date are kept internally with a battery backed up clock allowing time dependent procedures to be performed. The controls on the front panel allow opening a selected channel, closing the channel, scanning between a selectable first and last channel, selectable scan rate and mode. There are 13 internal programs that are accessible from the front panel. The programs can select primary address, dwell time, store a relay set up, recall the stored relay set up, control the digital l/O port, switch from International to American date format, control interval stop/start and select I-, 2- or 4 pole measurement modes.

The Keithley 705 Scanner adheres to standard IEEE-488 interface bus protocol. This enables the Keithley 705 to be incorporated into any measurement system that uses programmed control through the IEEE-488 bus.