Keithley 705 System Scanning Thermometer

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Keithley 705 System Scanning Thermometer
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Keithley 705
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The Keithley 705 is a low cost IEEE compatible scanner. The basic mainframe can accommodate two plug-in scanner cards. Each card can have different pole configurations. In the l-pole configuration the card has 20 channels, The 4-pole configuration allows 10 channels with two cards (for four-wire ohms).

Using the "daisy chain" method the Keithley 705, along with four additional Keithley 705's, can provide up to 100 2-pole channels. The time and the date are kept internally with a battery backed up clock allowing time dependent procedures to be performed. The controls on the front panel allow opening a selected channel, closing the channel, scanning between a selectable first and last channel, selectable scan rate and mode. There are 13 internal programs that are accessible from the front panel. The programs can select primary address, dwell time, store a relay set up, recall the stored relay set up, control the digital l/O port, switch from International to American date format, control interval stop/start and select I-, 2- or 4 pole measurement modes.

The Keithley 705 Scanner adheres to standard IEEE-488 interface bus protocol. This enables the Keithley 705 to be incorporated into any measurement system that uses programmed control through the IEEE-488 bus.
Keithley 705 Features
  • IEEE-488 bus operation
  • Selectable scan rate from 10ms to 999.999 sec
  • Selectable scan modes that allow the operator to scan the first channel to the last channel once, continuously or manually
  • Thirteen internal programs that are available through the front panel
  • Model 705 mainframe can accommodate two scanner plug-in cards
  • Several different scanner relay cards are available as options
  • They include:
    • a general purpose relay card
    • a thermocouple relay card
    • a low voltage relay card
    • a low current relay card
  • Time and date are kept with a battery backed up clock
  • Digital I/O port with eight lines as inputs and eight lines as outputs
Keithley 705 Specs
  • Capacity: Two plug-in cards per mainframe
  • Expansion Capacity: Daisy chain allows up to 4 SLAVE units with 1 MASTER unit
  • Switching Rate: 100 channels/second (10ms), programmable to 1 channel/l6 minutes (999.999s)
  • Relay Drive: 350mA minimum
  • Internal Clock: Displays hours/minutes/seconds or date/month; less than 1 minute/month error (typical)
  • Battery Backup: Rechargeable 3.6V nickel-cadmium. 1 month retention of data (typical) with unit turned off.


  • Multiline Commands: DCL, LLO, SDC, GET, GTL, UNT, UNL, SPE, SPD
  • Uniline Commands: IFC, REN, EOI, SRQ, ATN
  • Interface Functions: SHl, AHl, T6, TEO, L4, LEO, SRI, RLI, PPO, DCl, DTI, CO, El
  • Programmable Parameters: Display Mode, Output Format, EOI, SRQ, First, Last, Open, Close, Display Channel, Alternate Output, Pole Mode, Date Format, Save/Restore, Reset, l/O Port, Time, Date, Settling Time, Interval Time, Alarm Time, Program Mode, Trigger Mode, Terminator, Self Test
  • Digital I/O Port: A separate I/O port consisting of eight input and eight output lines as well as common (IEEE-488) and +SVDC. Outputs will drive one TTL load. Inputs represent one TTL load. Mating connector supplied.


  • Storage Environment: -25O to 65°C
  • Connectors: Four BNC; External Trigger, Alarm Out/Serial-In, Channel Ready, Serial Out (TTL compatible)
  • Power: 105-125V or 210-250V (internal switch selected), 50Hz to 400Hz. 25 V*A maximum. 90-IIOV and 180.220V version available
  • Dimensions, Weight: 127mm high x 216mm wide x 359mm deep (5" x 8%" x 14%"). Net weight 3kg (6% lbs.)
  • Display: Six 0.5" LED digits with decimal point, function and IEEE status annunciators
  • Operating Environment: 0° to 50°C, 0% to 80% relative humidity up to 35°C