Keithley 706 Scanner/Data Logger System

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Keithley 706 Scanner System
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Keithley 706 Scanner System Keithley 706 Scanner System
Keithley 706
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The Model 706 is an IEEE-488 bus compatible scanner that can accommodate ten plug-in scanner cards. With ten scanner cards installed up to 100 2-pole channels can be on the same IEEE address. Using four additional Model 706s in a daisy chain configuration up to 500 2-pole channels can be on the same IEEE address. The Scanner adheres to standard IEEE-488 interface bus protocol. This enables the Model 706 to be incorporated into any measurement that uses programmed control through the IEEE-488 bus.
Keithley 706 Features
  • Capacity: ten plug-in cards per mainframe
  • Switching Rate: 100 channels/second (10ms), programmable to 1 channel/16 minutes (999.999s)
  • IEEE-488
  • Internal Clock
  • Switching Cards
Keithley 706 Specs
Switching Card Model No. of Channels
4 x 5 Matrix 7052 20
High Current 7053 10
High Voltage 7054 10
General Purpose 7056 10
Thermocouple 7057A 9+ Ref.
Low Current 7058 10
Low Voltage 7059 10