Keyence VH-6100 Digital Microscope with a Built-In Monitor

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Keyence VH-6100 Digital Microscope with a Built-In Monitor
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Keyence VH-6100 Digital Microscope with a Built-In Monitor Keyence VH-6100 Digital Microscope with a Built-In Monitor
Keyence VH-6100
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VH-6100 Datasheet Specifications
Digital Microscope with built-in monitor
Keyence VH-6100 Features
  • Compact, and lightweight and self-contained.
    The Keyence VH-6100 controller houses the color LCD monitor, still video recording system, camera controller and light source. Because of its compact size and lightweight, the VH-6100 can be conveniently carried to any job spot.
  • Extra-wide depth-of-field produces extra-sharp 3-D pictures.
    Keyence's unique optical technology has greatly improved the depth-of-field.
  • Excellently clear picture.
    Employment of coaxial optical fiber illumination enables the brightness of the light source to be uniformly transmitted, thus consistently producing a clear picture.
  • Clear distinction of flaws on metal surface by means of lateral illumination.
    The minute flaws on a metal surface, which cannot be detected by conventional microscopes, can be easily distinguished.
  • Automatic adjustment of light Intensity.
    Regardless of reflected light intensity which fluctuates according to the color and material of objects, the screen brightness is kept constant.
  • File name, date and time displayed on screen.
    An arbitrary file name consisting of alphanumerical characters, date and time can be displayed on the screen.
  • Scaler function.
    Using scale marks superimposed on the screen, the dimension of an object can be directly measured.
  • Coloring function.
    By coloring brighter or darker portions than the set values alone on the screen, any flow or concave on the metal surface can be emphasized.
Keyence VH-6100 Specs
Built-in Monitor
5.6-inch color LCD
Still Video Recorder
Disk Still video floppy disk (disk diameter:47 mm)
Recording capacity 50 field still pictures
Recording format Hi-band
Image pickup sensor 1/2-inch CCD
Effective pixels 574 (H) x 489 (V)
Scanning method 2:1 Interlaced scanning
Scanning frequency Horizontal (H): 15 734 kHz, Vertical (V): 59.94 Hz
Resolution Horizontal (H): 360 min. Vertical (V): 350 min.
S/N 46 dB
White balance Automatic/Semi automatic/Manual
Light Source
Lamp 100 W halogen lamp
Service life of lamp 1000 hours (average)
Color temperature 3100°K (max.)
Video Output
VBS 1.0 Vp-p. in accordance with NTSC
AC Output
3 \A max. (not coupled to power switch)
Recording Signal Remote Input
No voltage input (contact/solid-state)