1662A, 68 Channel Logic Analyzer

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1662A Logic Analyzer 68 Channels
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Keysight 1662A
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The 1662A logic analyzer can help you rapidly troubleshoot elusive hardware failures, verify proper bus operation, and debug software during real-time execution. It has enough timing and state analysis speed to handle even high-performance applications.
Keysight 1662A Features
  • State and timing channels: 68
  • Timing analysis:
    Conventional: 250 MHz all channels, 500 MHz half channels
    Transitional: 125 MHz all channels, 250 MHz half channels
    Glitch: 125 MHz half channels
  • State analysis: 100 MHz in all modes
  • State timing memory depth: 4K/channel, 8K in half-channel modes
  • Setup/hold time: 3.5/0 ns to 0/3.5 ns adjustable in 500 ps increments
Keysight 1662A Specs
Number of Channels State/Timing 68Ch
Conventional Timing Speed 250MHz (All Channel - 500MHz (Half Channel)
Glitch Timing Speed 125MHz (Half Channel)
Hold Time Window 125MHz (All Channels - HP-IB)
State Speed/Timing Speed 100MHz
State/Timing Memory Depth 4k (All Channels) - 8k (Half Channels)
Transitional Timing Speed Hard drive - 250MHz (Half Channel)
Type Stand-Alone