Keysight 1670A, 136 Channel Logic Analyzer

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HP Agilent 1670A, 136 Channel Logic Analyzer
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Keysight 1670A
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The Keysight 1670 series logic analyzers can take real-time code traces showing cause and effect events separated by hundreds of thousands of microprocessor instructions. Having a trace that long can be very important when you need to look through nested interrupt service routines and other lengthy sections of code to find answers. And, with the added depth, you won't have to worry about program loops that can quickly fill the memory buffer in a normal logic analyzer.
Keysight 1670A Specs
  • State and timing channels: 136
  • State/timing memory depth
    Standard depth: 64 samples on all channels, 128K samples on half channels
    Optional depth: 500K samples on all channels, 1000K samples on half channels (state analysis depth is halved when time tags are turned on)
  • Setup/hold time: 3.5/0 ns to 0/3.5 ns adjustable in 500-ps increments
  • State analysis speed: 70 MHz in all modes
  • Timing analysis modes and speeds:
    Conventional: 125 MHz on all channels, 250 MHz on half channels
  • Probe input R & C: 100k ohms and ~ 8 pF
  • Trigger resources: Patterns: 10; Edge and glitch terms: 2; Ranges: 2; Timers: 2
  • Trigger sequence levels: 12 with state analysis and 10 with timing analysis
  • Trigger macros: 23 predefined trigger sequences with graphical representations and plain language descriptions
  • Mass storage: Hard disk drive and 1.44 MB flexible disk drive
  • Ethernet LAN interface: Standard equipment; twisted pair and coaxial connectors
  • OS Boot Method: Flash ROM