HP Agilent 3551A Transmission Test Set, 40 Hz - 60 kHz

HP/Agilent 3551A Data Communications Tester
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Transmission Impairment Measuring Sets (TINS)

Qualify Circuits for Voice, Data or Program

The HP 3551A Transmission Test Set is a rugged, portable test sets that provide the basic analog tests to isolate faults and to qualify circuits for voice, data, and broadcast service.


Trans. Level: -60 to +10 dBm
Trans. Freq.: 40 Hz to 60 kHz
Rec. Level: -70 to +15 dBm
Rec. Freq.: 40 Hz to 60 kHz
Message Cicuit Noise: 0 to 85 dBm
Noise with Tone: (600 and 900 ohms) 10 to 85 dBm
Noise to Ground: 40 to 125 dBm
Impedances: 135, 600, 900 ohms


3 kHz flat
15kHz flat