Keysight 3551A Transmission Test Set, 40 Hz - 60 kHz

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HP/Agilent 3551A Data Communications Tester
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Keysight 3551a
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Data Communications Test Equipment Transmission Impairment Measuring Sets (TINS)
Keysight 3551a Features
Transmission Impairment Measuring Sets (TINS)

Qualify Circuits for Voice, Data or Program

The Keysight 3551A Transmission Test Set is a rugged, portable test sets that provide the basic analog tests to isolate faults and to qualify circuits for voice, data, and broadcast service.

Trans. Level: -60 to +10 dBm
Trans. Freq.: 40 Hz to 60 kHz
Rec. Level: -70 to +15 dBm
Rec. Freq.: 40 Hz to 60 kHz
Message Cicuit Noise: 0 to 85 dBm
Noise with Tone: (600 and 900 ohms) 10 to 85 dBm
Noise to Ground: 40 to 125 dBm
Impedances: 135, 600, 900 ohms


3 kHz flat
15kHz flat