Keysight 3586C Selective Level Meter

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HP/Agilent 3586C Selective Level Meter, 50 Hz - 32.5 MHz
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HP/Agilent 3586C Selective Level Meter, 50 Hz - 32.5 MHz HP/Agilent 3586C Selective Level Meter, 50 Hz - 32.5 MHz
Keysight 3586C
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The Keysight 3586C selective level meter finds applications in general-purpose wave analysis for the design, manufacture, and maintenance of electronic systems. The 3586C is fully HP-IB programmable and covers the frequency range of 50 Hz to 32.5 MHz. This allows you to measure audio, sonar, and other low-frequency systems, as well as high-frequency communications subsystems. The 3586C provides input impedances of 50,75,and 600 fa with 10 kfl bridging for maximum measurement flexibility in a wide variety of applications. Measure signal levels with up to ± 0.2 dB accuracy down to -80 dB, with 0.01 dB resolution and bandwidth choices of 20,400,or 3100 Hz. The built-in counter and narrow-resolution bandwidths allow harmonic and intermodulation measurements to be made with ease. Frequency can be set or measured with 0.1 Hz resolution and 10 ppm stability (± 0.2 ppm optional)).

For frequency response measurement of high-Q filters and other selective networks, the companion Keysight 3336C synthesizer/level generator functions as a full-featured, HP-IB programmable tracking generator. Frequency range for the 3336C is 10 Hz to 21 MHz, with precise output levels from -70 to +8 dBm.

Keysight 3586C Specs

Range: 50/75 f2 unbalanced input, 50 Hz to 32.5 MHz; 600 0 balanced input,100 Hz to 108 kHz
Resolution: 0.1 Hz
Center frequency accuracy: ±1 x 10 - 5/year (± 2 x 10/year with Option 004)


3dB bandwidth: ± 10%%:20 Hz,400 Hz,3100 Hz
Pass band flatness: ±0.3 dB

Level Accuracy (+20 to -80 dB):

0.20 dBm, 20 kHz to 18 MHz (± 2 x 10/year with Option 004)
± 0.25 dBm,18 MHz to 32.5 MHz