Keysight 360A/B/C/D Low Pass Filter

HP Agilent 360A/B/C/D Spectrum Analyzer
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Keysight 360A/B/C/D
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The 360 Low Pass Filter is designed to facilitate microwave measurements by eliminating harmonics generated by the signal source. Elimination of harmonics is important in making slotted-line measurements, in checking filter characteristics, in determining receiver response and in many other applications. These filters can also be used preselectors with the 851A/8551A Spectrum Analyzer.
Keysight 360A/B/C/D Features
  • Low insertion loss through band pass
  • Greater than 50 db attenuation beyond cut-off frequency
  • No spurious responses
Keysight 360A/B/C/D Specs
Impedance 50 ohms through pass band
Cut-Off Frequency 700 MHz
Rejection 50 db or more attenuation at 1.25 x cut-off frequency