Keysight 3852A Data Acquisition/Control Unit

HP/Agilent 3852A Data Acquisition Operating System
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Keysight 3852A
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Slot Mainframe for Data Aquisition and Control, DMM / Datalogger / Switcher / Scanner ( Module Configurable ) with Standard Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces


Mainframe Supports
  • 8 Function Module Slots
  • Data Acquisition Operating System
  • System Timer
  • Measurement Pacer
  • Full Alphanumeric Keyboard, Command and Result Displays



Make real-time decisions and reduce data without burdening your computer:

  • Multitasking operating system prioritizes and timeslices tasks
  • Powerful HP / Agilent 3852A command statements simplify complex measurements
  • Execution speed of command sequences are enhanced by executing subroutines stored in the HP / Agilent 3852A memory
  • Built-in, easy-to-use transducer conversions are supported for thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs and strain gages
  • Post-processing and data reduction before transferring results to a computer are achievable by first storing data to the HP / Agilent 3852A internal memory
  • Limit checking of analog measurements is performed in real time or after the measurements have been stored in mainframe memory

Optimize measurement timing and throughput to meet your needs:

  • Real-time interrupts allow higher priority tasks and external inputs to be serviced at any time
  • Asynchronous communication with a computer is achieved through input and output buffering
  • Control can be timed using built-in clock and alarm capabilities ( can cause an interrupt )
  • A built-in pacer simplifies measurement timing and triggering
  • Multiple voltmeters can be used.  The high-speed voltmeter can control scanning, timing, and triggering of its own high-speed FET multiplexer subsystem via ribbon cable.  Several of these subsystems can run simultaneously

5½ to 3½ Digit Integrating Voltmeter
Keysight 44701A directly measures: dc voltage; ac voltage; Resistance