Keysight 4262A Digital LCR Meter

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Agilent 4262A Digital KCR  Meter
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Keysight 4262A
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Manual 4262A Datasheet
The Keysight 4262A is a 3½ digit LCR meter that meets today's requirements for component measurements. The instrument features fully automatic operation over wide measuring ranges. Simply select the measuring functions and one of the test frequencies, then insert the device to be measured. The instrument does the rest-automatically selecting the proper measuring range and equivalent circuit mode. In addition to automatic measurements, the 4262A provides high accuracy (0.2% reading), internal dc bias, and series and parallel equivalent circuit modes.

This relatively low cost and easy-to-use LCR meter is capable of a wide range of applications-measuring electrolytic/ceramic capacitors, filter coils, pulse transformers, internal resistance of dry cells and semiconductor junction capacitance, as well as ordinary LCR components. Extended features of this reliable instrument includes optionally available HP-IB (4262A) data output capabilities and a comparator option which is convenient for production line applications.
Keysight 4262A Specs
Parameters Measured L-D •  Q, C-D • Q
Display 3-1/2 digits
max. display 1999
Basic Accuracy 0.2%
Test Frequency 120(100) Hz, 1 kHz
10 kHz ±3%
Test Signal Level (typical) 1 V, 50 mV (Cp mode only)
DC Bias Int 1.5 V, 2.2 V, 6 V ±5%, selectable
Ext 0 to +40V
Equivalent Circuit Modes auto, parallel, series
Ranging Modes LCR auto, manual
DQ auto, manual
Trigger internal, extemal, manual
Measuring Terminal 5-termmal configuration
Keysight 4262A Accessories
  • Opt 001: BCD Output
  • Opt 004: Digital Comparator
  • Opt 010: 100 Hz Test Frequency
  • Opt 101: HP-IB Interface
  • Opt 907: Front Handle Kit
  • Opt 908: Rack Flange Kit
  • Opt 909: Rack/Handle Kit
  • Opt 910: Extra Manual
Option combinations 101/001 and 101/004 cannot be ordered.