Keysight 4934A Impairment Measurement Set

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HP/Agilent 4934A Transmission Impairment Measuring Set
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Keysight 4934A
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4934A Datasheet Specifications Brochure
The Keysight 4934A transmission impairment measuring set (TIMS) increases installation and maintenance productivity for telephone companies and service providers through its ease of use, portability, and ruggedness.
  • UP 4934A TIMS, including Front-Panel Cover, Power Cord, 2 Keysight 15513A Test Cords (with WECO 310 jack plugs)
  • Opt 001 Battery Pack with Built-In Charger
  • Opt 010 Deletes Test Cords
  • Opt JOI Replaces North American Features and Connectors with CeITT; 820 Hz Holding Tone: Deletes Test Cords
  • Opt J02 Same as 101, except 1020 Hz Holding Tone
Keysight 4934A Features
  • Level/frequency up to 110 kHz
  • Noise and noise-to-ground
  • Noise-with-tone and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Three-level impulse noise
  • P/AR