Keysight 4934A Impairment Measurement Set

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The Keysight 4934A Impairment Measurement Set product has been replaced by a new product.

The Keysight 4934A transmission impairment measuring set (TIMS) increases installation and maintenance productivity for telephone companies and service providers through its ease of use, portability, and ruggedness.
  • UP 4934A TIMS, including Front-Panel Cover, Power Cord, 2 Keysight 15513A Test Cords (with WECO 310 jack plugs)
  • Opt 001 Battery Pack with Built-In Charger
  • Opt 010 Deletes Test Cords
  • Opt JOI Replaces North American Features and Connectors with CeITT; 820 Hz Holding Tone: Deletes Test Cords
  • Opt J02 Same as 101, except 1020 Hz Holding Tone