Keysight 53230A 350 MHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer

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Rent Agilent 53230A 350 MHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer
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Keysight 53230A
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53230A Datasheet
The 53230A 350 MHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer serves all your frequency and time interval measurement needs. In addition to the typical frequency and time interval measurements, continuous/gap-free measurements are available for basic modulation domain analysis. Optional burst measurement software is available. An optional microwave channel can be added to measure 6 or 15 GHz.
Keysight 53230A Features
  • Two 350 MHz input channels, plus optional third channel (6 GHz or 15 GHz)
  • 12 digits/second resolution, 20 psec time interval resolution
  • Built-in math analysis and color, graphical display (trend and histogram)
  • Continuous, gap-free measurements and timestamps for basic modulation domain analysis
  • Optional: Lithium Ion Battery
Keysight 53230A Specs
Frequency Range
DC Coupled DC (1 mHz) to 350 MHz (2.8 ns to 1000 sec)
AC Coupled, 50Ω or 1MΩ 10 Hz - 350 MHz
Connector Front panel BNC(f). Option 201 adds parallel rear panel BNC(f) inputs
Input Impedance (typ) Selectable 1 MΩ ± 1.5% or 50 Ω ± 1.5% || <25 pF
Input Coupling Selectable DC or AC
Input Filter Selectable 100 kHz cut-off frequency low pass
10 Hz (AC coupling) cut-off frequency high pass filter
Amplitude Range
Input Range ±5 V (±50 V) full scale ranges
Sensitivity (typ) DC - 100 MHz: 20 mVpk
> 100 MHz: 40 mVpk
Noise 500 μVrms (max), 350 μVrms (typ)