Keysight 8502A / Reflection Test Set 500 kHz-1.3 GHz

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8502A Transmission/Reflection Test Set
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8502A Transmission/Reflection Test Set 8502A Transmission/Reflection Test Set
Keysight 8502A
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The Keysight 8502A Transmission set provides all of the RF hardware necessary to make simultaneous transmission and reflection measurements between 500 kHZ and 1300 MHz. The test set consists of an RF power splitter to develop a reference or incident signal, a directional bridge to develop a reflected signal, and a attenuator to control the signal incident on the device under test.
Keysight 8502A Specs
Frequency Range 500 kHz to 1.3 GHz
Impedance 50 ohms
Directivity > 40 dB
Magnitude >± 0.8 dB
Phase < ± 8°