Keysight 8510C Microwave Network Analyzer

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8510C Microwave Network Analyzer  45 MHz - 26.5 GHz
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Keysight 8510C
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Manual 8510C Datasheet
The 8510C RF vector network analyzer is a complete system configured with an 8510C vector network analyzer, a 26.5 GHz S-parameter test set, a 26.5 GHz synthesized sweeper, and a complete set of 3.5 mm measurement accessories. The instruments are integrated in the system rack prior to shipment. Installation is included at no additional charge. This preconfigured system is a complete solution for characterizing the linear behavior of either active or passive networks over the 45 MHz to 110 GHz frequency range. The 8510C RF Vector Network Analyzer displays measurement results in log/linear magnitude, phase, or group delay format on a large, color CRT with two independent, yet identical channels.
Keysight 8510C Features
  • 45 MHz to 110 GHz frequency range
  • Real-time error-corrected measurements
  • 0.001 dB, 0.01 degree, 0.01 ns measurement resolution
  • Optional time domain and pulsed RF measurement capability\
  • System Dynamic Range: 93 dB
  • Available Measurement Features: Time domain, frequency offset, TRL
Keysight 8510C Specs
8510SX 45 MHz to 26.5 GHz

The following specifications describe the system performance for the 8510C network analyzer with the 8510SX configuration. The system hardware includes the following:

  • Test set: 8515A S-parameter test set
  • RF source: 83631B synthesized sweeper
  • Calibration kit: 85052C 3.5mm precision calibration kit
  • Calibration technique: TRL two-port calibration