J1981A Telegra Voice Quality Tester

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J1981A Telegra Voice Quality Tester
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Keysight J1981A
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Manual Specifications

The J1981A Telegra Voice Quality Tester (VQT) is an objective voice quality test system providing detailed analysis on the determining parameters for every voice network: clarity, delay, and echo. The VQT is designed for engineers who develop, deploy, and operate next generation voice network devices and services.

The J1981A Voice Quality Tester (VQT) provides detailed test and analysis capabilities for voice quality on modern telephony networks, including VoIP, VoATM, and hybrid circuit/packet networks. The VQT enables the design, deployment, and operation of voice services on Next Generation Networks by providing accurate and objective testing of voice quality. It provides robust and reliable measurements that go beyond giving test scores. The VQT provides detailed scoring analysis that exposes the impairments to voice quality. By including testing for voice clarity, delay, echo, silence suppression, DTMF, and signal loss, all on one box, the VQT provides a total solution for testing voice quality on next generation networks.

The VQT supports analog, T1, E1, and Ethernet interfaces to enable testing at different access points for network segmentation and fault isolation. Using different signaling types, including FXO, E&M, CAS, ISDN, SIP, and H.323, the VQT enables testing across any telephony network.

Keysight J1981A Features
  • Qualify network deployments for voice services
  • Perform pre-VoIP network assessments
  • Baseline network performance under varying conditions
  • Optimize systems and networks for voice quality
  • Monitor network for voice quality impairments
  • Troubleshoot voice quality impairments
  • Assess network performance against competitor networks and the PSTN
  • Test new products and designs for voice quality