J2309B Ethernet Token Ring Undercradle

J2309B Ethernet Token Ring Undercradle
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Keysight J2309B
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The J2309B attaches to the HP J2300 Series WAN Advisor to provide complete LAN/WAN/ATM performance analysis under one handle.
Keysight J2309B Features
  • Monitored Network Statistics: Broadcast, Collisions, Frames and Utilization
  • Error Statistics: Bad FCS, Misaligns, Runts and Sum of Jabbers
  • Protocol Statistics: Utilization Percentage by Protocol
  • Frame Statistics: Percentage Frames by Size
  • Station Statistics: Utilization Percentage
  • IP Ping testing
  • DHCP support
  • Subnet and Local Router identification
  • 14 protocols supported and 7 layers of decoding
  • Network performance analysis of 100 parameters