Keysight J3763A Undercradle

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The Keysight J3763A Undercradle product has been replaced by a new product.

The Keysight 622Vu Advisor extends the test capability of the Keysight Advisor to provide full rate ATM analysis at 622 Mbps. By simply attaching the 622Vu Advisor undercradle to the Keysight Advisor WAN or Agilent Advisor LAN-Fast Ethernet, network troubleshooters have test capabilities from 1.5 Mbps (DS1) to 622 Mbps (OC-12c/STM-4c) -- all under one handle.

The 622Vu Advisor can be used in either of two configurations: end-station mode or monitor-only mode. In end-station mode, the 622Vu Advisor is active as a terminal on one of two ports (user selectable); the other port provides a passive physical layer loopback function (with optical/electrical/optical regeneration). In monitor-only station mode, the Keysight 622Vu Advisor can be inserted into a bi-directional optical circuit providing passive through-mode monitoring.

The 622Vu Advisor is able to analyze two channels simultaneously. Capture buffers associated with each channel allow full rate (622Mpbs) capture of ATM traffic. The user can capture on VIP-VCI and can post-capture filter on VPI-VCI, on IP addressed in AAL-5 encapsulated PDUs, or on various PDU decodes. Captured traffic can be analyzed in post-capture mode to decode nearly 300 LAN encapsulations and view critical events and alarms.

In addition to protocol analysis capabilities, real-time auto-discover circuitry allows the 622Vu Advisor to find multiple virtual connections (VPI-VCIs) and gather per-VCC statistics and IP encapsulation, where appropriate.

The J3763A 622Vu undercradle requires the addition of the J3764A optical interface plug-in.