Agilent N8973A Noise Figure Analyzer, 10 MHz-3 GHz

Agilent N8973A Noise Figure Analyzer, 10 MHz-3 GHz
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The user interface of the HP / Agilent N8973A 10MHz-3GHz Noise Figure Analyzer is intuitive and easy to use, with easy to find keys, which are sizedand then placed in the relevant key group according to function. Thesoft-key depths have been kept to a minimum and there are clearvisual indicators on the screen showing the current machine state.

When making noise figure measurements, a key parameter to beaware of is measurement uncertainty. The HP / Agilent N8973A NFA has a low instrumentationuncertainty to aid in accurate and repeatable measurementof manufacturers components. In addition, to aid customersin setting their components/systems specifications, Agilent has produceda web-based uncertainty calculator that will give customersinformation on how to improve and classify their measurementspecifications more accurately.

In manufacturing environments, fast measurement speed andrepeatability are critical. The HP / Agilent N8973A 10MHz-3GHz Noise Figure Analyzer includes many features that can reduce your measurement timeand increase throughput. The frequency list function allows you toselect specific points within a complete measurement span to makeyour measurement. The Sweep averaging function allows a real-timeupdate to the screen during a measurement, as you adjust the performanceof the DUT during a sweep. Both these functions, as wellas the limit line functionality for quick and easy pass/fail testing andthe additional ability to recall complete calibrated instrumentstates, increase productivity and measurement throughput.


  • A flexible and intuitive user interface
  • Easy measurement setup
  • Low instrument uncertainty
  • Color graphical display of noise figure and gain versus frequency
  • Enhanced PC and printer connectivity
  • SNS, 346 and 347 Series noise source compatible
  • Ability to automatically upload ENR calibration data from SNS Series noise source
  • Local oscillator control through second dedicated GP-IB



Frequency Range 10 MHz to 3 GHz
Measurement Speed (nominal)
  8 Averages <50 ms/measurement
  64 Averages <42 ms/measurement
Measurement Bandwidth (nominal) 4 MHz, 2 MHz, 1 MHz, 400 kHz, 200 kHz, 100 kHz
Noise Source ENR 4 7 dB 12 17 dB 20 22 dB
Measurement range 0 to 20 dB 0 to 30 dB 0 to 35 dB
Instrument uncertainty ±<0.05 dB ±<0.05 dB ±<0.1 dB
Measurement range 20 to +40 dB
Instrument uncertainty ±<0.17 dB