Keysight 8971C Noise Figure Test Set, 10 MHz - 26.5 GHz

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Combine the Keysight 8970B Noise Figure Meter, the Keysight 8971C Noise Figure Test Set, and a recommended local oscillator and you have the powerful 8970S Microwave Noise Figure Measurement System. The 8970B automatically controls both the 8971C and local oscillator, making the microwave system as easy to use as the 8970B by itself. The 8970S gives you all the capabilities of the 8970B Noise Figure Meter in a system specified from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. Custom block downconvertors are available to extend the operating frequency to 110 GHz.

The 8970S model number lets you configure a microwave noise figure system to fit your application, while still ensuring the instruments are compatible and the shipment is coordinated. A complete 8970S Noise Figure Measurement System consists of an 8971C (with desired options), an 8970B, and an LO. Frequency operation depends on the LO selected, but the 8970S can be configured to measure 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. The 8971C with Option 001 is recommended for operation above 20 GHz.