Kikusui KES4021A/ KES4022A Electrostatic Discharge Simulator

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Kikusui KES4021A/KES4022A Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
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Kikusui KES4022A
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Manual KES4022A Datasheet

The KES4021A/4022A Electrostatic Discharge Simulator allows you to perform immunity tests on an electrical or electronic device by simulating a direct or indirect electrostatic discharge from a charged human operator.

The KES4021A is used to perform immunity testing on electric and electric devices subject to electrostatic discharge. It is capable of performing testing conforming to IEC 61000-4-4 Standards.

It complies to the standard of immunity test that can simulate the direct or indirect discharge to the electrical device and the electronic equipment from the charged human body.
Kikusui KES4022A Features
  • Electrostatic discharge simulator compliant with EN/IEC 6100-4-2
  • Manual Operation (single operation)
  • Up to ±30 kV output
  • IEC Test Level operation
  • Step Operation
  • Sequence Operation
Kikusui KES4022A Specs
Discharge Method Contact discharge and Air discharge
Set Voltage 0.00kV to 30.5KV (Guaranteed specifications: 0.50kV to 30.0kV)
Polarity Positive and Negative
Charge Resistor 50MΩ (combined with the discharge gun)
Discharge Interval 0.05 / 0.1s to 99.9s
trigger Main panel trigger and Discharge gun trigger
Type of test
Manual Operation
IEC test level operation: level 1,2,3,4*
step operation: in step voltage 0.01 to 30.0kV
Sequence operation*
Discharge Points 1 point to 10 points
Memory operation Stores 20 sets of testing conditions for each operation (a total of 80 sets)
wait feature ON or OFF
Power Supply AC100V to 240V 50/60Hz
Discharge Cycle 1 to 999/ Continuous
Interface RS232C (Option)

*The Kes4021A applies only for the setting level
* Up to 20 steps of configuration with different test conditions in a single sequence test.

Kikusui KES4022A Standards
EN/IEC 6100-4-2