Kikusui TOS7100M Insulation Resistance Tester

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Kikusui TOS7100M Resistance Tester
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Kikusui TOS7100M
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The Kikusui TOS7100M is able to perform insulation resistance testing of electronic devices based on the Electrical Appliance Control Act as well as IEC, CEE, BS, VDE, CSA and other safety standards.
Kikusui TOS7100M Features
  • Equipped with a Pass/fail judgement Function Test results can be evaluated easily by setting judgement reference values in advance
  • Use of a Dual Pointer Meter - Both judgement reference values and measured values can be read independently
  • Two Output Modes - In the NORMAL mode, the measuring voltage is interrupted and an NG alarm is released when an NG judgement has been made. In the CONTINUE mode, the measuring voltage is not interrupted even if an NG judgement is made, and an NG alarm is released while continuing to indicate measured values
  • Provided with Remote Control Function - Both test and reset operations can be remote controlled from the outside
Kikusui TOS7100M Specs
Rated Measuring Range 500/1000 V
Effective Measuring Range 500 V range: 1M to 1000M
1000 V range: 2M to 2000 M
Accuracy 1st effective measuring range: 5% of reading
2nd effective measuring range: 10% of reading
Measuring Terminal Voltage +5, -0% of rated measuring voltage when output terminal is open
Indicating Meter Dual pointer meter, with mirror
Results Judgement Pass/fail judgement
Limit Value Setting Range Arbitrary set within effective measuring range
Judgement Accuracy ±15% of set value for 1st effective measuring range
±20% of set value for 2nd effective measuring range
Judgement Waiting-Time Approx. 0.3 s
Output Mode Selection NORMAL/CONTINUE
Line Voltage 100V..10%, 50/60 Hz