Minolta Chroma Meter CL-100

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The Minolta Chroma Meter CL-100 is the most compact and lightweight tristimulus color analyzer on the market for measuring light source color. For utmost accuracy, it utilizes three high-sensitivity silicon photocells filtered to match CIE (Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage) Standard Observer response. These cells make simultaneous readings of the light source through an integrating diffuser. Readings are processed by the built-in micromputer and presented digitally on the custom-designed liquid-crystal display. The meter precisely controls measuring time of 100.0 milliseconds for measuring continuous or flickering light sources, such as a CRT.

The hand-held, easy to use Chroma Meter CL-100 is ideal for on-the-spot quality control. Since measurements require only a few seconds, the meter is ideally suited for high-volume applications in both production and laboratory use. Reference colors and calibration standards can be inputted to memory and recalled at any time. The meter can be calibrated to the user's desired standard, and a number of meters can be unified by calibrating to the same standard. The unit is operable by remote control using the included plug. For hard-copy or video presentation, readings can be transferred to a separate data processor through the output cord also included with the meter.

The Chroma Meter CL-100 is powered by a single nine-volt battery for approximately 30,000 individual readings. As the meter is constantly on and ready, there is no need for warm-up before taking measurements. An automatic cancelling feature clears the display approximately three minutes after a measurement is taken or the last key is released.

Included with the meter are many accessories, such as a CRT-reading hood for measuring cathode-ray tubes, turn adapter for reverse attachment of the receptor head, remote-control plug, data-output cord, calibration cap for easy calibration, plus case and strap.