Ling 330 4000 lb Shaker

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The Ling Model 330 Shaker is designed to provide a convenient means for high level vibration testing under conditions of high static loads, high altitudes, and high humidity. It is a wide frequency band electro-dynamic force transducer capable of producing a force of 4000 pounds (sine vector). The shaker operates in a 5 to 3000 Hz frequency range from either sine or random waveform input, converting the electrical current supplied into mechanical force.

The shaker consists of a magnetic structure which houses and supports an armature assembly and field coils. The structure is mounted on trunnion assemblies which allow ±180° rotation of the thrust axis. The trunnion assemblies are mounted on a base equipped with casters for portability.

The shaker contains armature overtravel and overtemperature protection switches and a field overtemperature protection switch.

The shaker employs a completely sealed cooling system designed to cool directly from a clean raw-water supply.