Mitutoyo HR-530 Series Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

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The Mitutoyo HR-530 Series Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine is equipped with unique electronic controls. Complete with a color touchscreen display, it clearly displays the results of statistical calculations and graphics functions. If space restrictions are an issue, the touch-panel display unit can be mounted on top of the tester. The Mitutoyo HR-530 can test the hardness of the inside wall of a ring as small as 22 mm (with the 5 mm diamond indenter) without destroying the ring.

The Mitutoyo HR-530 hardness testing machine also has a nose-type indenter, enabling measurement of both flat top surfaces as well as insides of cylindrical items. When testing multiple workpieces with the same height, continuous testing is possible by pressing the foot switch or the START button. The Mitutoyo HR-530 model offers functionality and operability throughout its features.