Multi-Amp MS-1A Overload Relay and Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Mulit-Amp MS-1A Overload Relay and Circuit Breaker Test Set
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Multi-Amp MS-1A
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The MULTI-AMP Model MS-1 A test unit has a patented circuit consisting of a continuously variable autotransformer which supplies a MULTI-AMP output transformer, thus providing stepless control of the output current. Integral metering, timing and control circuitry are included. The unit is housed in a convenient suitcase-type enclosure for easy portability.
Multi-Amp MS-1A Specs
Rating 0.6 kVA
Input 120 volts, 60 hertz*, single phase
Output Continuously adjustable in four ranges lo meet a variety of test
circuit impedances:
  • 0 - 140 volts at 4.5 amperes
  • 0 - 24 volts at 25 amperes
  • 0 6 volts at 100 amperes
  • 0 - 3 volts at 200 amperes
Ammeter A large, easily read instrument with 3½ inch scale:
  • Scales: 5110/25
  • Ranges (switch selected): 0-2.5/5/10/25/50/100/250/500 amperes
Timer A synchronous motor-driven digital mechanism accurate to ± 0.5*
second. Measures elapsed time of the test from 0.1 second to 9999.9** seconds. Push-button reset.
Housing Molded public, high strength suitcase type enclosure with easy to
carry handle. Storage space is provided for test leads.
Dimensions Height: 9 inches; Width: 14½ inches; Depth: 9 inches
Weight Net: 35 pounds; Shipping: 42 pounds
Test Leads Two No. 22 timer leads each 5 feel long. These leads are used
to connect the binding posts on the MS-1A labeled CONTACTS to
the contacts of the device under test which will open when the
device trips.
Two No. 4 high current lead., each 5 feet long. These cables are
used to connect the output terminals of the MS-1A to the current
element of the device under test.
•50 hertz units are equipped to operate from 120 volts, 50 hertz, single phase. For other
input voltages use a suitable 1.0 kVA step-down transformer.
••S/N 5070 and up. Earlier units are accurate to ± 1 second and measure from
1 second to 999 seconds.