Multi-Amp/Megger MS-2 Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Multi - Amp/Megger MS - 2 Circuit Breaker Test Set
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Multi-Amp MS-2
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MS-2 Datasheet Specifications
The MS-2 test set is used around the world by several thousand utility companies, industrial plants and electrical service organizations. Using the latest technology, Model MS-2 is a self-contained test set that incorporates a variable high-current output and appropriate control circuitry and instrumentation for testing thermal, magnetic or solid-state motor overload relays; molded-case circuit breakers; and ground-fault trip devices.
Multi-Amp MS-2 Features
  • Digital memory ammeter: High-accuracy, direct reading instrument has read-and-hold memory for measurement of short-duration currents.
  • Digital, multi-range timer: Crystal-controlled, high accuracy instrument with autoranging measures operating time to 1 millisecond.
  • High-current output: Provides instantaneous currents up to 750 amperes through a 125 ampere breaker.
  • Rugged and lightweight: Unit weighs only 33 lb (15 kg) and is tough enough to withstand daily field or plant use.
  • Solid-state output initiate circuit: Solid-state circuit eliminates need for contact maintenance.
Multi-Amp MS-2 Specs
Input 120 volts OR 240 volts, 50/60 Hertz single-phase
Output Ranges 0 to 120 volts at 5 amperes
0 to 24 volts at 25 amperes
0 to 6 volts at 120 amperes
0 to 3 volts at 240 amperes
Output Capacity The test set is capable of testing the time delay characteristics of devices rated up to 125 amperes using a test current of
three times their rating (375 amperes). Additionally, to perform an instantaneous trip test, it will provide 750 amperes
through a typical, 125-ampere, molded-case circuit breaker connected with the test leads provided with the test set
Ammeter Display: 3½-digit
Ranges (switch-selected): 0 to 1.999/19.99/199.9/750 amperes
Timer Display: 5-digit
Ranges (switch-selected):
A. 0 to 99.999 seconds
B. 0 to 999.99 seconds
C. 0 to 99999 cycles
Timer Control Circuit A. Current Actuated
B. Normally Closed
C. Normally Open