Multi-Amp/Megger PAM-275R Digital Phase Angle Meter

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Multi-Amp/Megger PAM-275R Digital Phase Angle Meter
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Multi-Amp PAM-275R
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Manual PAM-275R Datasheet Specifications

The AVO / Multi-Amp PAM-275R Digital Phase Angle Meter was designed specifically for electrical system applications. It is a battery-operated or line-powered instrument. Incorporating two identical isolated input circuits, the unit permit precision measurements to be made of the phase angle relationship between two currents, two voltages or a voltage or a voltage and a current.

The PAM-275R is commonly used in testing and calibrating protective relays, phasing out circuits, checking differential relay schemes, checking polyphase watthour and varhour meter installations and verifying the polarity of CTs and PTs.
Multi-Amp PAM-275R Features
  • Direct digital reading
  • Broadband current ranges
  • Broadband potential ranges
  • Excellent resolution
  • Highly accurate
  • Universal: measures I to I, E to E, E to I
  • Long battery life
  • Isolated input circuits
  • Harmonic immunity: accurate reading with up to 30% harmonic distortion
  • Not frequency-sensitive: accuracy not dependent on precise 50 Hz or 60 Hz inputs
  • Rugged: sturdy design for typical field use
  • Out-of-range indication: automatic indication given when inputs are above or below rated ranges, eliminating need for instruments to monitor inputs
  • Hold feature
  • Not influenced by position