Narda 8715 RF Survey Meter | 3 kHz - 100 GHz

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The Narda 8715 RF Survey Meter is the most accurate non-ionizing radiation survey system available. Narda 8715 RF survey systems provide the broadest frequency coverage of electric and magnetic fields. Both flat response probes and probes shaped to international standards are available. All probes contain DC amplifiers in the handle and are calibrated independently of the meter. Any 8700 Series probe can be used with any 8700 Series meter and still maintain total calibration. Existing owners of 8700 Series components will find that the Narda 8715 provides a way to significantly upgrade the system by simply replacing the meter itself. The "D" series probes offer wider bandwidths, direct connection capability and more rugged construction. Other system features include a unique flexible probe which allows precise detection of a radiation leak site inside densely packaged electronic systems and a fiber optic link for use at very low frequencies or for probes located a significant distance from the metering instrument.