Narda 8717-1172R-08 Electromagnetic Radiation Meter | 3 kHz - 50 GHz

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The Narda 8717-1172R-08 electromagnetic radiation meter detects and measures potentially hazardous electromagnetic radiation from 3 kHz to 50 GHz. Narda 8717-1172R-08 radiation measurement systems require an 8717 meter and an 8700 series probe. All Narda 8717 series meters have an RS232 serial interface. Some models also include a GPIB interface in addition to the RS232 interface. All Narda 8717-1172R-08 EMR models come standard as rack mounted instruments. Bench-top cabinet models are available as an option. A "dash number" at the end specifies the power cord (in this case, 8). All meters in the series are functionally equivalent to the handheld Narda 8718B survey meter. The two meters share the same main control board and the same software.

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