Narda 8870 Contact Current Meter

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The Narda 8870 Contact Current Meter displays the amount of current induced into the body by contact with a “hot” metallic surface that is in the vicinity of a high level, low frequency emitter. The amount of current induced into the body is displayed on a large-character LCD. The Narda 8870 features an insulated “probe” to contact the surface which eliminates the shock and burn hazard. The solid, stainless steel base and the unique internal circuits form the equivalent of a barefoot human with grasping contact. The 8870 operates from 3 kHz to 30 MHZ and measures current up to 1000 ma. In the Percent-of-Standard measurement mode, shaping circuitry is used to make the 8870’s sensitivity match the new 1999 IEEE standard.

The Narda 8870 simulates a grasping contact that is the basis for many standards. Narda’s optional Point Contact Simulator, P/N 21764400, converts the 8870 to Point contact measurements. It attached to the Narda 8870’s “probe” and simulated the impedance of a finger over the entire frequency range of 3 kHz to 30 MHz.