Narda A8864 Nardalert Personal E-Field Monitor 100 kHz - 100 GHz

Narda A8864 Nardalert 100 kHz - 100 GHz Personal E-Field Monitor
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Narda A8864
The Narda A8864 has been replaced by the Narda Nardalert S3.
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The Narda A8864 Nardalert 100 kHz - 100 GHz Personal E-Field Monitor is usable over it's entire rated frequency range when worn on the body as an RF personal monitor. The patented sensor design detects the electric field over an extremely broad frequency band regardless of signal format or polarization.

The Narda A8864 is specifically designed to be worn on the outside of RF protective suits since monitors do not function properly when worn underneath these suits. RF protective suits generally provide a minimum of 10 dB (10:1) protection. The A8864 monitor sounds an alarm at high field levels to warn the wearer that they are in an area where the RF protective suits may not be sufficient protection.


  • 100 kHz to 100 GHz
  • Shaped Frequency Response Matched to Your Standard
  • Data Logger Records Continuously – more than 30,000 data points
  • Five High-Intensity LED Level Indicators
  • Tri-Sensor Handles All Types of Fields
  • Two Adjustable Audio Alarms
  • Adjustable Vibrator Alarm
  • Long Battery Life
  • Patented Design
  • Meets FCC 1997 Occupational / Controlled Standard

The Narda Model 8865 Interface Kit, although not required, allows Nardalert XT users to perform two important functions:

  1. Adjust several monitor parameters such as alarm threshold settings and data logging rate
  2. Download and analyze logged data

The Nardalert XT is ready to use upon receipt. If you want to take advantage of these additional features all you need is one Interface Kit per location. For example, if your New York office has 30 Nardalert XTs, all you need is one Interface Kit. Of course, if you also have monitors in another city, then you will probably want a kit for every city.