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National Instruments NI ELVIS
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Manual NI ELVIS Datasheet
The NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) is a modular engineering education laboratory platform that delivers a hands-on lab experience for engineering curriculum. NI ELVIS is the leading platform for teaching concepts in areas such as instrumentation, circuits, control, communication, and embedded design in a hands-on fashion. With its integrated suite of the 12 most commonly used instruments in a compact, rugged, laboratory-friendly package, and now with a USB interface, NI ELVIS delivers a complete design and prototyping platform. Professors can use it for freshman to senior-level classes to help students learn concepts in a hands-on manner.
National Instruments NI ELVIS Features
  • Design and prototyping platform for circuits, control, instrumentation, communication, and embedded experiments
  • USB plug-and-play interface
  • Virtual instrumentation suite
    • Oscilloscope, digital multimeter (DMM), function generator, variable power supply, bode analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, dynamic signal analyzer (DSA), voltage/current analyzer with LabVIEW source code
    • Completely open and customizable in LabVIEW graphical programming environment
    • Tight integration with Electronics Workbench Multisim and MultiMCU
    • Express VIs for point-and-click configuration of customized instruments in LabVIEW and SignalExpress
  • Short-circuit and high-voltage protection with resettable fuse board
  • Variable power supplies, manual or programmatic control
  • Function generator, manual or programmatic control
  • ±15 and +5 V supply
  • BNC inputs for DMM and scope
  • Detachable, customizable prototyping board
  • Affordable for student ownership
  • Designed to fit in a 2 or 3-ring binder