Noiseken INS-4001 Impulse Noise Generator

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Noiseken INS-4001 Impulse Noise Generator
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Noiseken INS-4001
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INS-4001 Datasheet
Impulse Noise Generator
Noiseken INS-4001 Features
  • Generated pulses of less than 1ns rise time up to 2kV or 4kV
  • Selectable pulse widths from 50ns to 1000ns at a step of 50ns, 10ns available as the shortest width.
  • Easily selectable coupling modes to EUT power lines
  • Maximum EUT voltage and current rating: 240V AC, 16A
  • Generates pulses in synchronization with EUT power line frequency
  • Capability for a single pulse by using the manual trigger and for synchronization with external signals
  • 3 phase coupling unit (415V/50A) is optionally available and operation in synchronization with the relevant power supply is also available.
  • Triangular wave pulse unit is optionally available
  • Built-in 50Ω terminator
  • An outlet pane is provided for an easy connection of the EUT to this unit and for better reproducibility in testing. Various types outlet panels are optionally available.
  • Radiation probes, coupling clamps are optional accessories.