Olympus IW-2/IV-5A Video Analyzer

Olympus IW-2/IV-5A Video Analyzer
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Olympus IW-2/IV-5A Video Analyzer Olympus IW-2/IV-5A Video Analyzer Olympus IW-2/IV-5A Video Analyzer
Olympus IW-2
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The Olympus IW-2 Video Analyzer is a self-contained, integrated, portable package that gives you a live color display on a high-resolution LCD monitor, freeze-frame, and a computer-driven image management system. Options include camera/storage compartment, built-in IV CCU, and an internal modem board. An optional interface and PC card may be available (please consult your sales representative).

A simples on-screen menu shows you how to freeze-frame, store and retrieve hundreds of images. You can perform advanced internal measurements, including stereo measuring, compare and enhance images, add text, transmit images over phone lines, transfer to PC, create databases and much more.


  • Two types are available; IW-2 with Built-in IV-5A and IVY-2 with Built-in CAMERA/STORAGE COMPARTMENT (please consult your sales representative on availability)
  • The IW-2 allows monitoring of either lympus Industrial Video imagescope or a video camera on a separately sold monitor
  • Built-in high-intensity halogen light source
  • Optional LCD module (MH-902/903) compatible with the IW-2
  • Freeze frame (still image) function
  • Image storage
  • Image retrieval
  • Defect measurement
  • Transmission of image data via a telephone line using an optional modem
  • IBM PC compatible
  • S-video input and output terminals
  • The IW-2 with Built-in IV-5A allows direct connection of all types of Olympus industrial video imagescopes (IV6C5, IV8D5, and IV8S5 series)
  • The IW-2 with Built-in IV-5A allows automatic brightness adjustment with the IV6C5, IV8D5, and IV8S5 series video imagescopes



Video Input
IV6C5, IV8D5/IV8S5 series scope Compatible scopes for the IW-2 with Built-in IV-5A: IV6C5-20, IV6C5-35, IV6C5-75, IV6C5 .110, IV6C5-160, IV6C5X1-75, IV6C5X1-110, IV8D5-20, IV8S5-20, IV8D5-35, IV8S5-35, IV8D5-75
The IW-2 with Built-in CAMERA/STORAGE COMPARTMENT can be connected to the IV-5A via the video input terminal or the S-video input terminal. The scope is then connected to the IV-5A
Fiberscope, rigid scope Commercial video camera may be connected via the video input terminal or the S-video input terminal
Selection of video inputs Video inputs selectable by keyboard operation. The selection is retained in memory even when the power is turned OFF
LCD module May be installed in the IW-2 main unit. It may also be placed and used away from the IW-2 via an umbilical cable. The orientation of the LCD screen is adjustable from 0 degrees to approximately 90 degrees in upward direction. The umbilical cable is 2 meters long. Hook and 1/4 inch female screw provided
Light source Integral 150 Watts halogen lamp light source and spare lamp storage space. Lamp life is approximately 50 hours. The ILV-2 may be used as an ancillary product
Video output One NTSC or PAL Video output, Output impedance 75Ω
Two NTSC or PAL S-video outputs, Output impedance 75Ω
One VGA output