Omega 199 Digital Temperature Indicator

Omega 199 Digital Temperature Indicator
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Omega 199 Digital Temperature Indicator Omega 199 Digital Temperature Indicator
Omega 199
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The Omega 199 is a versatile, high-performance, industrial grade readout for thermocouple sensors displaying temperature values from -245 to +1999 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Factory or field-installable program modules adapt the instrument for any one of standard type B, E, J, K, R, S, or T thermocouples, providing automatic cold-junction compensations, linearization, and scaling for accurate indications with a typical conformity of ±1°F over a range of 1500°F.
Omega 199 Features
  • AUTOMATIC circuit operation for:
    • Cold-junction compensation for any of seven standard thermocouple sensors
    • Linearization and calibration according to NBS Monograph 125 data based on IPTS 68
    • Open thermocouple detection to prevent incorrect temperature reading
    • Zeroing both input signal conditioning and integrating A/D loops
  • Superior circuit PROTECTION against harsh electrical environments, including:
    • CMV of 1400 VDC or peak AC between instrument and AC power line grounds;
    • CMRR of more than 130 dB between AC power ground and signal low;
    • NMRR of >100 dB of 50 Hz and 60 Hz noise;
    • 300 VDC or peak AC maximum input without damage
  • ELECTRICALLY & PHYSICALLY designed for universal applicability and versatility, including:
    • Choice of 4 powering sources (110 or 220 VAC, +5, or +8 to +28 VDC)
    • Choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit scaling;
    • Choice of field-installable programming modules to adapt the 199 for any one of the seven thermocouples;
    • Behind the front panel accessible controls for span and offset adjustment
  • HUMAN ENGINEERED for reliable and easy readouts:
    • Large, 0.43" (11mm) bright digits, easy to read in high ambient light and mounted for wide-angle, no parallax viewing;
    • Automatic polarity display of both positive (+) and negative (-) temperatures;
    • Blanked digits for over-range (open or burned out thermocouples) while polarity sign remains lighted in display