PONTIS EMC HDCam7 EMC Shielded Camera

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The PONTIS EMC HDCam7 EMC Shielded Camera is a 1080p hardened color camera which defends against 200 V/m of RF up to 18 GHz and generates a stunning 3.3 megapixel resolution. In situations where HD resoultion is required, such as monitoring HD displays, or when extreme zoom capabilities are needed, the PONTIS EMC HDCam7 is an essential tool. Combined, the 30 times optical and 12 times digital zoom offers a zoom range of 360. When retrieving information, video signal is transferred uncompressed in HD-SDI (HD-CCTV) format to the controller, providing seamless operation of the device as it takes high definition pictures or video. Features like the manual iris control render capturing photos or footage in difficult light conditions much easier with multiple viewing display options to choose from as well. Versatile enough to complete any assignment calling for an EMC Shielded Camera, the PONTIS EMC HDCam7 can be used up close or operated remotely via PONTIS EMC HD camera controllers.