Praxsym PAMS-C Shield Level / Pathloss Equipment

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The Praxsym PAMS-C Shield Level / Pathloss Equipment is a user-friendly transmitter and receiver system that measures the shielding effectiveness of RF shielded enclosures. Lightweight and compact, each Praxsym PAMS-C unit measures approximately 12" x 5" x 5" and weighs 5.5 lbs., making the PAMS-C ideally suited for field measurement tasks. Rugged construction ensures instrument survivability in a field test environment. The Praxysm PAMS-C incorporates a self-calibrating architecture that allows for ease of use and requires only minimal operator instruction for error-free operation. A backlit LCD output displays shielding effectiveness, battery status, and other operating parameters. The PAMS-C allows the user to set a minimum shield level threshold. While sniffing around the enclosure, a tone will sound in the headphones should the shield level drop below the threshold. The pitch of the tone varies based on the measured shield level’s distance from the set threshold value.