Quadtech 1868A Megohmmeter

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Quadtech 1868A Megohmmeter
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Quadtech 1868A
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1868A Datasheet
The Quadtech 1868A Megohmmeter is a resistance and current measurement instrument with an insulation resistance testing capacity of 10kΩ to 1PΩ at DC test voltages ranging from 10 to 1000V or 50 to 5000V. This device also provides a powerful charge current of up to 80mA to charge high capacitive devices, possesses a basic accuracy of ± 2% to 1TΩ and features five programmable limit sets. Program your Quadtech 1868A to your desired charge, delay and discharge settings and choose from one of four testing ranges or activate automatic ranging. Technicians can store four test sets in this device, which displays data via remote I/O, RES232 and IEEE-488.2 interfaces for remote control operation and communication with other devices. Rent the Quadtech 1868A to test insulation, capacitive components and connection resistance.
Quadtech 1868A Features
  • Measurement Range: 10kΩ to 1PΩ
  • Programmable Test Voltage: 10V to 1kV (1868A), 50V to 5kV (1868D)
  • Selectable Charge Current: to 80mA (1868A), to 18mA (1868D)
  • Basic Accuracy: ± 2% to 1TΩ
  • 5 programmable limit sets
  • Leakage Current Measurement: Down to 1pA (± 2% basic accuracy)
  • Programmable charge, delay and discharge times
  • 4 ranges plus automatic ranging
  • Automatic zeroing
  • Contact check function
  • Floating power supply (1868A) for measurements on grounded devices
  • Internal storage of 4 tests (20 Steps each) plus additional storage with optional PCMCIA memory card
  • Standard RS232, IEEE and remote I/O interfaces
  • Graphic LCD with text, bar graph and X-Y graph displays
  • Current or resistance display mode
Quadtech 1868A Specs
Resistance Range 10kΩ - 1PΩ (dependent on test voltage),  4 Ranges or Auto Range

Range 1: 1pA to 10nA
Range 2: 2nA to 100nA
Range 3: 20nA to 10uA
Range 4: 2uA to 1mA
Resistance Accuracy For Rx <20G (Vx): ±(2% of reading +5cnt)
For Rx >20G (Vx): ±(Vx/1pA) in ohms. Max reading: Vx/0.1pA
Rx = Measured resistance in ohms
Vx = Programmed voltage in volts
Voltage Range 10 to 1000V DC in 1V steps, 1868A
50 to 5000V DC in 1V steps, 1868D
Voltage Accuracy 2% of setting
±1V in uncalibrated mode
Source Resistance 100Ω, 1kV (1868A); 3.3kΩ, 5kV (1868D)
Charge Current 2/25/80mA (1868A); 2/10/18mA (1868D)
Discharge Resistance 100kΩ
Current Measure 1pA to 1mA
Measure Limits 5 Programmable Limit Sets
Measurement Result Resistance or Current
Test Speed Trigger Mode: 40msec
Continuous Mode: 90-4000msec
(Depending on # to Average)
Quadtech 1868A Applications
  • Production Testing of Insulation on Switches, Cables, Transformers, Motors and Other Devices
  • Testing of Capacitive Components
  • Insulation Properties of Natural and Synthetic Materials such as: Oils, Plastics, Rubber or Porcelains
  • High Resistance Testing of Electrical Connections