QuadTech 2200 Automatic Transformer Test System

QuadTech 2200 Automatic Transformer Test System
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Quadtech 2200
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The QuadTech 2200 Complete Automatic Transformer Test System provides a solution for component analysis and transformer testing by additional measurements of inductance, capacitance, resistance (LCR), and impedance (Z).

Tests can be performed individually or in a sequence for automated testing. The addition of one of three different matrix scanners provides a complete test solution for products with multiple connections.


  • Test Frequency: 20Hz -200KHz
  • 12 different measurement parameters
  • User friendly operation menu and help key
  • Statistic Function: Totals, pass, fail, etc.
  • Choice of measurement speeds
  • Bin sorting and bin count function
  • 320 by 240 Graphic mode LCD display
  • Store and recall tests with 20 memory locations



Ranges L, LK: 0.0001 μH to 9999.9H
C: 0.0001 pF to 999.99 mF
Q: 0.0001 to 99999
R: 0.0001O to 99.999 MO
D: 0.0001 to 999999
Z: 0.0001O to 99.999 MO
f: 900 to - 900
Voltage: 10 mV to 2.5 V
DCR Test Range: 10 mO to 99.999K
Resolution: 0.1 mO
Accuracy: ±1%
Turn-Ration Test Range: 0.1:0.01, 1000:1
Frequency: 1 kHz to 100 kHz
Voltage: 0.1 to 10 V